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  • What Lies Beneath

    published October 14, 2010

    If you think surfers have it bad now with what lurks beneath the ocean's surface, imagine trying to catch a wave 82 million years ago. Sure, a... More >>

  • Puzzle + Games = Fun

    published September 30, 2010

    Calling all math nerds, mathletes, or geogeeks! Or whatever you folks preferred to be called. Now that you officially miss spinning upside down on... More >>

  • Get Bent for Free

    published September 2, 2010

    How many times have you thought to yourself while doing the Bird of Paradise yoga pose that they should be paying you to do this instead of you... More >>

  • What Happens In Mexico...

    published August 12, 2010

    When we think of Mexico, we think of spring breakers doing tequila shots off each other's bodies and attempting to swim in the ocean while wearing... More >>

  • Cocktail 101

    published August 5, 2010

    La Duni Latin Cafe (4620 McKinney Ave.) is hosting a Mojito Class from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. Thursday. The hands-on class features bar chef... More >>

  • Mr. Important

    published July 15, 2010

    OK, we love a guy who says "eff you" to his town and lets a bunch (500,000, to be exact) of hippies party down for a few days while listening to... More >>

  • "Flames! On The Side Of My Face!"

    published July 8, 2010

    We can't even begin to tell you how many days we wasted (well, maybe not wasted) when we were kids playing Clue at our grandma's house during the... More >>

  • Explosive Laughs

    published July 1, 2010

    Want to avoid the loud booms and sparkly sky madness this Fourth of July weekend? We won't hold it against you--we know you're celebrating... More >>

  • Earth, Winds And Fenton

    published June 24, 2010

    We have a question for you, folks. Were you ever lucky enough to watch Planet Earth on the Discovery Channel? It was an 11-part series... More >>

  • Monkey Around

    published June 24, 2010

    Man, Japan comes up with some quirky things. Did you know they invented a hair noodle protector? It's this weird thing paper fan-like thing that... More >>

  • Girl Group-A-Go-Go

    published June 17, 2010

    Before Britney was toxic, before Brandy and Monica were fighting over a boy and before Lady Gaga was suffering from a bad romance, there were... More >>

  • Tip Your DJ

    published June 10, 2010

    Can we see a show of hands of who wants to embarrass themselves this summer by singing Celine Dion songs? During June and July, San Francisco Rose... More >>

  • Pony Love

    published June 3, 2010

    Dating blows. You never know if the other person is actually into you or if they just want to update their late-night booty-call contact list.... More >>

  • It's Elemental, Really

    published May 27, 2010

    Let's play a little game of "What am I?" Shall we begin? I take up a little over 2/3 of Earth. I'm a chemical substance made up of hydrogen and... More >>

  • You're Getting Very Vulnerable...

    published May 27, 2010

    Any plans this weekend? Want to hypnotize your friend into performing a lap dance every time they hear a certain pantomime-happy, poultry-related... More >>

  • Conan Is Ownin'

    published May 13, 2010

    Did you ever hear the tale of the Irishman who spent 16 years working the same late-night job with the promise he would soon get a promotion when... More >>

  • Taste The Fashion

    published May 13, 2010

    Do you ever think to yourself that you want to dedicate a night to helping out young, aspiring fashion design students while enjoying music from a... More >>

  • Going Dutch

    published May 6, 2010

    Who knew Dutch oven cooking was so cool? Well, besides our grandparents... Apparently, the cooking style has a local and international following... More >>

  • Eat Poop And Die

    published May 6, 2010

    There are certain films that influence your life whether you know it or not. For example, Rudy makes every underdog feel like they can rule... More >>

  • It Never Gets Old

    published April 29, 2010

    Being an adult totally blows. Instead of spending our money that we worked so hard for (kind of) on ice cream or a sweet new water gun, we're... More >>

  • Jersey Girl

    published April 22, 2010

    OK, so New Jersey gets a bad rap, and has for awhile now. It's only gotten worse since the Jersey Shore kids have taken over America with... More >>

  • Comb The Desert

    published April 22, 2010

    Ahh, film parodies--they don't make them how they use to. Sure, Scary Movie got a few giggles out of us, but you lost us after 2,... More >>

  • Better Than A Nightcap

    published April 15, 2010

    Late-night happy hour? What the what? That's seriously the greatest idea someone has had since deciding being a bubbleologist could be a job.... More >>

  • The Sheraton Gets Blown Up

    published April 15, 2010

    There is something about big, bouncy balloons that turns me into a kid again. Not sure what it is about the inflatable bag full of helium that... More >>

  • And the Thunder Rolls

    published April 8, 2010

    When a man goes to a strip club and watches a woman work her magic on the pole Demi Moore-style, it's considered sexy and a huge turn-on for him.... More >>

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