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2004 Stories by Susan Castellon

Archives: 2004
  • The Boys Named Sue

    published June 24, 2004

    The Boys Named Sue aren't your average cover band. Sure, they have a set list chock-full of titles you'd expect--"Crazy Arms," "Ramblin' Man,"... More >>

  • The Rap Sheet

    published June 17, 2004

    No matter what part of town you're driving in, you will hear the same thing at every stoplight: the flesh-trembling drone of a nearby bass system.... More >>

  • This Damn Town

    published June 10, 2004

    Though new on the scene, This Damn Town features some old familiar faces: Alex Cuervo and Kari Luna are both veterans of the Gospel Swingers, and... More >>

  • Destroy the Riverboat Gamblers

    published April 29, 2004

    "Do I need earplugs?" my friend asked, half-joking. I was taking him to his first Riverboat Gamblers show. I wondered: If I told him he needed a... More >>

Archives: 2004