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  • 20 years ago

    Reaping the reward The Road Mike Morgan and the Crawl Black Top Records Most local blues bands have repertoires so routine, so predictable, that hometown fans find little reason to hear them more than a time or two a year. An exception is Mike Mor...

  • 21 years ago

    Blow, cat, blow Guitarists and keyboard players have all manner of tricky amps and special effects devices to diddle with, but if harmonica players use such stuff they--if you will--blow their whole deal. The harp-honker's ethos calls for instrume...

  • 21 years ago

    Write "blues" on your butt, bare it, and blues critics will surpass the speed of light to kiss it. Slag old-guard critics for being hidebound and reactionary if you choose, but they served the idiom and its fans better than the present crop of che...

  • 21 years ago

    If you don't know what a "wet line" is, check out Samuell Boulevard between Sibley and Boone, the boundary that separates where liquor may and may not be sold. Of the 16 establishments that line this section of street, 12 are either liquor stores,...

  • 21 years ago

    One of the reasons blues stays great is that so few people support it. Unfortunately, a small, picky audience can ensure a scene where little abject bilge is marketed but it can't stop the bland, mannered albums that were the norm this year. The m...

  • 21 years ago

    Sometimes they come back Anyone who has cause to look back ruefully on the '80s probably can recall a band like A-Train. You know the type: hard-working floor-stirrers providing the soundtrack to another night of blitzed barroom bonhomie, the kind...


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