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  • Get High Like the Flying Monkeys, Man

    published August 21, 2014

    Between concerts the entertainment options for ancient Dallas stoners were frequently limited to midnight movies and the occasional laser light... More >>

  • Emphasis on Mindless

    published July 24, 2014

    Sunday, WWE Live brings the SummerSlam Heatwave Tour to Dallas' American Airlines Center (2500 Victory Ave.) thus providing a way to maintain cool... More >>

  • Erotic Poetry Is Not an Oxymoron, We’re Told

    published July 17, 2014

    Unless you're immersed in the urban erotic poetry scene or a fan of HBO's Real Sex you probably aren't familiar with Jessica Holter, activist,... More >>

  • Just How Fantastic Is It?

    published July 10, 2014

    Of the works by the three founding members of 1962's Panic Movement, those of author/illustrator Roland Topor have generally been eclipsed by that... More >>

  • Welcome to Earth

    published July 3, 2014

    Science fiction has often been dismissed by cultural watchdogs as anodyne, low-brow trash deserving of its exile to cheap paperbacks and B-movies.... More >>

  • Cinewilde

    published June 19, 2014

    The late proto-beat poet/filmmaker James Broughton currently exists as little more than a footnote in the annals of queer underground cinema. A... More >>

  • Not So Pervy Peering

    published June 5, 2014

    Despite their gallant efforts to combat eons of genetic hard-wiring a majority of heterosexual males -regardless of how progressive or chaste they... More >>

  • The World Catches up with Waters

    published May 29, 2014

    In a world where a raging torrent of filth is available to anyone with an Internet connection, where coprophagia goes viral and the hopelessly... More >>

  • Scream Your Heart Out

    published April 24, 2014

    It’s an archetypal sci-fi story: Science, in its reckless search for knowledge, intrudes on nature. Nature retaliates by kidnapping... More >>

  • Sticks and Stones

    published March 6, 2014

    Caucasians have gotten off easy when it comes to racial epithets. At worst the light-skinned demographic might get called “cracker,”... More >>

  • Still, We Bet Someone Sings “Danny Boy”

    published February 27, 2014

    As it stands the average American’s knowledge of Irish culture extends about as far as Bono, Lucky Charms and Leprechaun 5: In the Hood.... More >>

  • The Fantasticks Gets Steamy

    published February 20, 2014

    Harvey Schmidt and Tom Jones’ The Fantasticks currently holds the record for the longest-running musical in history and, much... More >>

  • Blues for Craig Ferguson

    published February 13, 2014

    Despite the gradual easing of regulations over the last decade, comedians working in broadcast television still perform under constant threat of... More >>

  • Mickey Mouse versus Cyborgs and Feral Children

    published February 6, 2014

    One of the primary advantages animation has always had over live action film is its ability to depict anything imaginable without concern for... More >>

  • Call Me "Snake"

    published January 30, 2014

    During the halcyon days of post-apocalyptic cinema, John Carpenter’s Escape From New York (1981), as well as the dozens of... More >>

  • Danger. Desire. Posey.

    published January 23, 2014

    If intercepted web chatter is any indication, the only thing necessary to say is that Parker Posey will read you a story in the DMA’s... More >>

  • An Eye, Peeled

    published January 16, 2014

    Since its August installation Tony Tasset’s sculpture Eye (2010) has maintained unblinking surveillance over the Joule... More >>

Archives: 2014