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  • 6 years ago | Film Reviews

    Q'orianka Kilcher's first role since her stunning breakout as Pocahontas in Terrence Malick's The New World finds her playing to type as the last princess of Hawaii, struggling against the American takeover of a then-sovereign republic. It's her s...

  • 6 years ago | Film and TV

    Ostensibly, Free Style is one of those uplifting family movies built around a niche sport à la 1993's rollerblading cash-in Airborne, with an underdog realizing dreams against the odds. Veteran family fare hack William Dear (Harry...

  • 6 years ago | Film and TV

    I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell Tucker Max got famous through a Web site detailing how being an asshole to women constantly got him laid, making him a hero to frat boys and a demon to everyone else who noticed. I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, adapt...

  • 8 years ago | Film Reviews

    I was 13 when Stephen Sommers's 1999 remake-in-name-only of The Mummy came out—just about the ideal age. Sommers is definitely some kind of junk-addled auteur, and if The Mummy didn't achieve its obvious goal of topping Raiders Of The Lost A...


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