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  • 5 days ago | Mixtape

    Joe Castillo is a seasoned vet who cut his teeth when disco was a new thing and Radio Shack existed. Although Castillo is best known for house music, his knowledge reaches into a multitude of niche genres, from country to drum and bass. These days...

  • 12 days ago | Mixtape

    Yung Cloud is part of a new generation of DJs and promoters who have been making waves in Dallas. He's affiliated with Prime, a local club promoter, and frequently appears at residencies showcasing local artists Sugar Free and Lolo. He's an admitt...

  • 19 days ago | Mixtape

    Brian Knolley has spent nearly three decades in the trenches of Dallas' house music scene. He can be seen laying down sides as part of the Our House crew or as a guest at parties all over the city. Knolley's experience comes through with every nee...

  • 26 days ago | Mixtape

    Wade Hampton has seen it all. As DJ Wish FM he manned the storied dance floor of the Starck Club and was a guiding light of the original rave scene. Now he's settled in Dallas, where he was involved in Ghostbar and now Uptown hotspot Sisu. He's be...

  • 1 month ago | Mixtape

    In the past few years, Decks in the Park has become a staple of the Dallas summer music schedule. Each free event brings thousands of people out to listen to music in the open air. Jeff Mitchell is the DJ behind the concept and the party. He grew ...

  • 1 month ago | Mixtape

    For the last two decades, Joe MxMind has been active in all aspects of DFW DJ culture: behind the decks, in front of the decks, promoting other DJs on the decks and broadcasting DJs by way of his active sessions.fm online radio station. MxMind is ...


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