Best health food store (tie) (2000)

Whole Foods Market & Roy's Natural Market

Healthy food can be hard to come by, but Whole Foods has no problem keeping a vast stock. From organic veggies to vitamin supplements, the granola munchers of Dallas have a place to call their own. The produce sections are large and the alternative vegetarian fare--tofu dogs and such--is more varied than what most non-healthy eaters would believe possible. A fun aisle contains books of varying worth, from holistic eating guides to vegetarian manifestos. The people at Whole Foods, by and large, look pretty fit and trim; perhaps the best endorsement of the natural food concept is their toned bodies. For those who are not so committed to health but want a light meal, the prepared food section is pricey but delicious.

Times have changed in the health-food business. Lost to the beef culture are the local health-conscious restaurants of old. Natura's, Eureka's, and Preston's have all succumbed to the Atkins diet and gone belly up. Low-fat now means chicken-fried steak without the gravy. Mega-health food stores with enclosed food courts rule the day. For those who like their carrot juice freshly chilled and their wheat grass freshly mowed, there is still Roy's in Preston Royal Shopping Center. This health-food store is small but hands-on, a holdover from the organic health food movement of the '60s when wheat germ was king. Knowledgeable devotees peddle a vast array of vitamins and supplements to keep you thinking that you are doing something, anything, to stay young. Try the protein plate if all else fails.

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