Best interior-design guru (2000)

Richard Schrade

We all want to live in a home that meets our physical and aesthetic needs. Unfortunately, while some of us have talent for putting together stylish interiors, others are still living with the beer-stained plaid sofas from their college days. If the latter describes you, then Richard Schrade can help. Schrade has years of experience with art, antiques, and home accessories and has worked on many large-scale remodeling jobs. His real expertise lies with small-scale consultations. He can come to your home and, in an hour or two, show you ways to redisplay your furnishings and advise you on what to add or subtract to get your home closer to your ideal. (Sorry. That brew-soaked sofa probably won't make the cut.) His background with antiques and contemporary interiors makes him able to work on a variety of requests. His prices are also affordable to the masses.

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