Best kids bookstrore (2000)

Enchanted Forest

We were forced--we repeat, forced--to watch the wretched, saccharine You've Got Mail the other night on HBO, and in light of that, we want to be clear about one thing: We've got no problem with big ol' bookstore chains. Love 'em. We want our latte with our magazines and our Oprah Book Club. But we also dig the smaller bookstores, the personal service, having Meg Ryan ask us, "Finding everything you need?" This is especially true when the munchkins are concerned, because so much of children's literature is complete doggie poo. Enchanted Forest Books for Children offers 45,000-plus titles, it has great story-time reading sessions, the staff is helpful, and they'll order books not in stock for you. Plus, if you leave craving a java fix, there's a Starbucks downstairs, so quit whining.

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