Best Place for a Cinephile with Loose Change (2002)

Premiere Video

Aha! Thought we'd left 'em out, didn't you? We know, we know: No duh. This has long been Dallas', well, premier video store, known citywide among cinephiles for its awesome collection not only of new movies but foreign films, out-of-print classics and other gems you're unlikely to find anywhere else. But Heather, Sam and all the other kool kids at PV have given us a new reason to love this place, as if that's possible. For less than a couple of hundred bucks, you can go to Premiere and buy an all-region DVD player--nifty if you're into buying DVDs outside the States. Or renting them. See, Premiere now stocks discs from all over the world--some titles of which haven't even been released here, in stores or, for that matter, theaters. We were tempted to keep this a secret--we want that copy of, oh, Y Tu Mamá También all for ourselves--but we love this place and these people so much we're willing to spill the beans.

Location Details

5400 E. Mockingbird Lanene
Dallas TX 75206


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