Best Unintentionally Funny Sports Moment (2003)

Alex Rodriguez

Watching bad baseball is not our favorite pastime. Still, every now and again, usually after many beers or lotsa drugs, we find ourselves watching the Rangers. And, every now and again, we're thankful that we did. June 19, Texas at Oakland, was such a day. That afternoon, while covering second base on a steal attempt, All-Star Alex Rodriguez took his eye off the ball for a split second. Hilarity ensued. Rather than catching the throw from Einar Diaz with his glove, A-Rod stopped it with his face. Don't try that at home... Now we would never wish serious injury on anyone, which is why we were happy to see that no permanent damage was done to Rodriguez. The only thing bruised was his ego. Which, in turn, made it OK for us to laugh. Again and again. Even months later. And probably in the future, too. Thanks, pal.

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