Best Place to Torture a Sullen Teenager (2004)

The Science Place

If this hasn't happened to you yet, it will. Happy, bubbling parents of happy, bubbling young children are mutually astounded, we think, when somewhere between ages 10 and 15, the children wake up prepubescent. They are suddenly foul-mouthed; they hate your #$%^%$ guts; they won't talk to you; they won't go anywhere with you; they never make eye contact with you. These--your precious babes for whom you've done anything and everything for a decade--are aliens. Grin and try to get through it; it probably won't last long. Keep trying to bond, or re-bond, experts say, and create opportunities for communication and fun. The best place for this, we think, is the Science Place. It has enough stuff to do and enough interesting exhibits to get your potty-mouthed pouter to almost have a good time, although he or she will never admit it. More than 200 exhibits come and go, but the cool IMAX theater and the planetarium are always on. Light shows, soundscapes, films and interactive displays focus not too blatantly on science, math and technology.


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