Best Drum Circle (2005)

FC Dallas fans

For years, the diehard fans of the Dallas Burn (now FC Dallas) struggled to create some kind of atmosphere in the cavernous Cotton Bowl. Not surprisingly, the professional soccer team's two booster groups, La Raza Latina and The Inferno, became experts in all aspects of soccer pageantry: singing, waving flags, wearing funny hats. But above all, they drum--on snares, bongos, bass, even those harnessed "quad toms" from band camp. Sometimes together, sometimes taking turns soloing, the two groups filled the giant stadium with thunder. Now, in their new, cozy Frisco home, their job will be a lot easier, but one thing will stay the same. After every victory, the groups will gather behind the stands and pound away until the lights go out, a la brasilena, joined by dozens of revelers moved by the irresistible rhythms or perhaps the giant plastic cups of beer. Either way, this beats a hippie drum circle.


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