Best DWI Attorney (2005)

David Burrows

So he doesn't stand by a flashy car, tell the cameras to roll and promise to win you a basketful of cold hard cash. When you're looking at a little jail time after chugging martinis and running afoul of a McKinney Avenue roadblock, you need a thorough professional. That's David Burrows, Phi Beta Kappa from SMU and graduate of Baylor Law. Last year alone he kicked ass in 31 trials. That's 31 DWI victories, more than many criminal lawyers tally in an entire career. How does he do it? Wish we could say he keeps photos in some safety deposit box of local judges getting jiggy at a petting zoo. Nope, he's just adept at jury selection and in-depth research, especially the jury selection part--he even teaches other lawyers the delicate art. Not easy, after all, to find that one person who believes that maybe, just maybe, road hazards and an improperly placed tree caused the mishap in question.


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