Best Heavy Petting (2005)

SPCA of Dallas

In some tribal societies, if you save someone's life, that person becomes your servant for the rest of their days. That's kind of how it works at the SPCA. The sad reality is that there are more pets out there than people who want to own them, and those that don't get adopted will eventually be put down, euthanized, put to sleep--pick your euphemism. If you've ever been chased down a Managua alley by a pack of feral dogs, you'll realize why this is necessary. But for an animal lover, it's heartbreaking. One way to help is to support the various organizations that spay and neuter strays, and the SPCA is one of the best. Your adoption fee of around $100 gets you a neutered, fully vaccinated and disease-free pet that will be your faithful and adoring companion, not just because it owes you its life but also because it doesn't know any better.


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