Best Importer (2005)

Dallas Summer Musicals and Broadway Contemporary Series

If you like Broadway musicals but not enough to actually sleep on the Great White Way to score a ticket, Dallas Summer Musicals and the Broadway Contemporary Series are for you. They bring the best of Broadway (or at least the touring versions of it) to Fair Park year-round, mixing old favorites such as Annie Get Your Gun and the hottest tickets (of last season or the season before), including, this season, The Producers and Wicked, the splashy Broadway smash about the witches of Oz (onstage October 6 through October 23). Sure, instead of Natasha Richardson or Jennifer Jason Leigh, you get Cabaret starring Lea Thompson (yup, Howard the Duck's Lea Thompson) and Peter Pan starring Cathy Rigby (actually, she was pretty good flying around in those green tights), but tickets are affordable, with seats ranging from $11 to $74.


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