Best Radio Morning Show (2005)

The Bobby Patterson Radio Show

The best morning radio shows make you feel better about waking up, and nothing works like a heaping serving of good old-fashioned soul. On Soul 73 KKDA, it's served up by local legend Bobby Patterson, the man responsible for stone-cold soul classics like "She Don't Have to See You (To See Through You)" and "Quiet! Do Not Disturb." On record, he was Dallas' answer to Otis Redding, but on the radio he's more James Brown, rhyming and screaming like the Godfather himself. He keeps the between-songs banter to a minimum, however, preferring to let the music work its sweet magic on his listeners. The playlist is heavy on the old stuff, from Ray Charles to Wilson Pickett, which is just fine with us. Often, Bobby will break in to sing along or to add a "you heard tha boy!," creating the kind of heaven-sent radio gold that can only be found in the a.m. on the AM.

Readers' Pick
Kidd Kraddick KISS 106.1 FM


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