Best Role Model Who Doesn't Have a Shoe Deal (2005)

Greg Hatley, head coach

A few years back, entrepreneur Todd Wagner was looking for philanthropic ways to spend his billions. He and Mark Cuban had just sold to Yahoo and now Wagner had the Foundation for Community Empowerment on the phone, asking for a local nonprofit that was really making a difference in the area. Head to Oak Cliff, the foundation said. Find Greg Hatley. Out of his garage, Hatley taught kids how to box. But he didn't just teach boxing; he taught boys to be men. And he didn't just teach any kids. He found the worst: the truants running the streets, lucky if they had one parent to raise them, luckier still if that parent had a job. Hatley somehow could turn that kid's life around. Impressed with Hatley, Wagner built him a barn of a gym in Lancaster. Today, Li'l Chris, Brutus, any fighter at the Oak Cliff Boxing Club--they all say the same thing: Coach saved my life.


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