Best Bagel (2005)

Park Cities Bakery & Deli

When we bite into a bagel, we want dough so fresh that the shiny outer layer sticks to our teeth. We want chewy goodness that's fresh-baked whether it's sweet or savory. No truckin' it in. And schmeared or not, we don't want overwhelming spice from our cinnamon raisin round, and we don't want devastating heat from the jalapeño kind. We want the dough to stand out and the flavor to just serve as a nice highlight. Our Park Cities bagel experience went just that way. The chocolate chip variety was seductive but not too sweet. The cheese was sturdy but not overpowering. The blueberry offered wonderfully delicate fruit sensations. But in each, we never forgot that what we were eating was a bagel. Not a muffin, not a sweet roll, but a good, hearty bagel. Our final taste test ultimately proved why this strip center bakery/deli gets the win: the plain jane--no jam, no lox, no cream cheese--was the star of the show.

Readers' Pick
Einstein Bros. Bagels Multiple locations


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