62 Main is a double-barrel high; one, because you have to climb a circuitous flight of stairs to get to the dining room and, two, because the food gets the serotonin juiced up. So you need something to bring you down: raspberry cobbler. Chef David McMillan, who escaped from L.A. to do a tour at Nana atop the Anatole 27 stories up, is the owner of this dining room, and he says he picks up many of his ingredients from a little farmers' market nearby. But these berries are weird, even for a farmers' market. The raspberries are so impossibly swollen with flavor and acid they could have only come from a biotech firm in Berkeley or perhaps Major League Baseball. McMillan bravely exploits them, pulling way back on the sugar, softly sweetening the edges with a blanket of sweet cream. This all rests on a mattress of moist, firm honey shortbread--a brilliant piece of fruit exploitation.

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Cheesecake Factory 7700 W. Northwest Highway 214-373-4844 2601 Preston Road, #2219, Frisco 972-731-7799

Location Details

62 Main St.
Colleyville TX 76034


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