The Goldrush is metro, retro and cool because it's one of those very rare commodities in Dallas, a place that doesn't try to be cool. Businesses come and go in the strip shopping centers at Live Oak and Skillman, but the Goldrush is forever. Good burgers, better migas, a respectable cuppa joe, but don't ask for any coffee that has an Italian name. Regulars run the gamut from East Dallas street characters to Lakewood families with toddlers. If you're lucky, poet/playwright/street preacher Buck Naked will be in the house, and he may even show you his latest postings on the bulletin board. If you're even luckier, he won't be there. You never know what's gonna happen at the Goldrush.

Readers' Pick
Metropolitan Café 2032 Main St. 214-741-2233

Location Details

1913 Skillman St.
Dallas TX 75206


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