There are people who will come to fisticuffs when debating who makes the best root beer: A&W, Barq's, IBC or Mug. Pedestrian, we say. If you've tasted homemade root beer, nothing manufactured can compare. Thank goodness for Ivan Pugh, the chef at East Dallas' Alligator Café, which makes its own root beer and cream soda at the restaurant. Served from the soda fountain in Styrofoam cups too big for the average car cup holder, Alligator Café's root beer is just right--sweet, but not too sweet, a little bit of a bite. It's so good, in fact, that when the restaurant couldn't obtain a key ingredient recently, people were calling and dropping by the converted KFC just for a root beer update. We get it, man: Accept no substitute.

Location Details

9540 Garland Rd.
Dallas TX 75218


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