Best Shaved Ice (2005)

T&C Shaved Ice

We picked this category in the summer, when shaved ice is as necessary to survive the August heat as air conditioning, water bottles and Umbro shorts, but the great thing about T&C Shaved Ice is its year-round appeal. If you've ever thought "shaved ice is just shaved ice," then you haven't been to this blink-and-you'll-miss-it shack on Garland Road. The ice is cut so finely and smoothly that you'll want to smear the cold, cold glory on your face. More than 30 syrups (including a delectable take on the orange cream "dreamsicle" flavor) can be mixed and matched, and you can order an ice cream/shaved ice combo cup, too. Oh, and the pours are so masterful that the first sugary bite will be as sweet as the last. Get an ice headache in January or July--it'll taste as great either way, even if you're holding the T&C Styrofoam cup with gloves.


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