Never pit a cooking mom vs. a canned good. There's no point. Especially when it comes to split pea soup. Bordering on stew, it's a tough soup to get right (not too salty, not too chunky) and it'll never be right if it comes from a can. Mom will always win. Christine Vouras proves this with a hearty, savory concoction that sticks to your ribs in a way that somehow feels healthy. It may be the fresh ingredients she uses each day to prepare her two or three soup selections for the Main Street breakfast and lunch spot, or it may just be that something extra that comes from Mom. We don't know the magic that spouts from her ladle, and we don't want to know. We just want that perfect puree of peas sliding down our gullet whenever we can get it. She's no Seinfeld Soup Nazi, she's Souper Mom.

Readers' Pick
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Location Details

2032 Main St.
Dallas TX 75201


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