Best Thing To Happen In Addison Since...Ever (Tie) (2005)

Monica's Aca y Alla, Go Fish

Remember when the Boss lamented the sorry state of cable television? You know, "57 channels and nothing's on?" As a dining and nightlife destination, Addison has a similar unfavorable reputation. Despite hosting the area's only authentic British pub (The Londoner), a good Chinese spot (May Dragon) and the best-known comedy club, people refer to Addison as a land lacking originality. Ah, but it's all changing. If you don't believe us, consider Go Fish, an actual chef-driven concept. Sure, it's located in one of those ubiquitous strip shopping centers, but it promises a VIP lounge and other "Dallas" touches. Go Fish is the work of outstanding seafood chef Chris Svalesen. After earning critical acclaim at the late 36 Degrees and very late Lombardi Mare, he may hold the best reputation of any seafood chef in the entire metro area. Yeah, we know Monica's isn't a one-off establishment. Other derivatives (Sambuca, for example) no longer carry the same clout as way back when. With Deep Ellum in the midst of a swoon, however, the suburban version of Monica's may supersede the original location. It's a more intimate space with fresher décor and free parking. Best of all, it sits next door to Svalesen's place.


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