Best Vegetarian Carb Binge (2005)

Suma Veggie Café

It's too far for a workday lunch for up-and-downtowners, but you'll find many of us trekking there on Saturdays to sample the lunch buffet. Did we say "sample"? Strike that, we mean "gorge on." For about $6, a hungry vegetarian or vegan can get bottomless iced tea and a shot at Suma's all-you-can-eat buffet. The buffet varies somewhat week to week, but you can expect fried rice, flat noodles, a tasty green curry, egg rolls, sweet and sour "chicken" and a tofu dish. There are some vegetables, but the carbs are glorious and abundant. Often, we can eat lunch at Suma on Saturday and not need to eat again until Sunday brunch. Now that's filling.


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