Best Way to Fatten Up Too-Skinny SMU Chicks (2005)

Dough Monkey

The women at SMU are thin. We're talking Mary Kate Olsen thin. And since the best bakery in town is only a few blocks away in Snider Plaza, we have no idea why. Dough Monkey is a quiet little shop where the offerings are much better than anybody could ever expect. That probably means that the fat and calorie contents are things that we just want to pretend don't exist. Nonetheless, Dough Monkey rocks. The macaroons are tasty piles of coconut and sweet cake, the chocolate chip cookies are better than anything our grandmothers made, and the chocolate cake is so amazing that you'll probably want to buy the largest size even if you'll be the only one eating it. And the prices aren't that bad either. If you're throwing a party or trying to pack on the pounds (SMU chicks, this is where you pay attention) then Dough Monkey is so the place for you.


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