For a venue, short of staying financially afloat, there's nothing more important than treating the talent hospitably. It's not hard, really. Give a band a nice place to sit, give them a few drink tickets, or even better, put some iced-down beverages in their backstage area. That's really all you gotta do. If you can offer food, that's even better. A shower? They'll all be thanking you in the van later. To be honest, there's more than one spot in Dallas that has these amenities to offer, but it's the vibe at the Granada that separates them from the rest. Owner Mike Schoder and his staff go out of their way to accommodate bands, and it shows. A local band member recently divulged that it was the best backstage he's ever been privy to. "The pizza was awesome, there was a good couch and the guys were really cool helping us out. Oh, and there was a couch!"

Location Details

3524 Greenville Ave.
Dallas TX 75206


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