Best Bar for Blind Dates (2005)

The Cavern Upstairs

Maybe your friends or coworkers have set you up with somebody, or perhaps you're venturing into the world of online dating. Either way you have a potentially bad date. Arrange your meet-up at The Cavern's upstairs lounge; it has several factors that work for you. First, it's a bar. There's alcohol. Enough said. Second, it's less crowded upstairs, and seeing fewer people decreases the chances someone you know will see you. Also, The Cavern is named after the club where the Beatles played in Germany at the beginning of their career, and the upstairs room has some Beatles memorabilia. There's your first topic of conversation. Next, half of the upstairs is very, very dark and full of low, sink-right-in couches. If the date goes well, there's a comfy sofa in an almost pitch black space--don't worry, you won't be the first person to test just how dark it is.


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