Best Bowling Alley (2005)

Big Town Bowlanes

Not only are fake Rolexes available for purchase, you can bring your own cooler of beer to Big Town Bowlanes. The night we went, the couple next to us drank 40s. One guy brought his flask in. Management did not interfere. Management understands that bowling is only half the experience of a night at the lanes. This brings us to the fake Rolexes. They sit at the bottom of "The Iron Claw," the coin-operated machine that's in every bowling alley. Yeah, well, encased in glass in this game are fake Rolexes. Nothing else. Just fake Rolexes. At least, we think they're fake. They could be real. And we still haven't mentioned the bowling at Big Town, which is, you know, a good place to roll some balls, we guess, the place having 32 lanes and all, but did we mention you can bring your own coolers?

Readers' Pick
Don Carter's All Star Lanes 10920 Composite Drive 214-358-1382


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