Best Cabaret (2005)

Bill's Hideaway

"This isn't a gay bar or a straight bar," says longtime manager Henry Arter. "It's a neighborhood bar." Although the place is certainly gay-friendly and, for that matter, straight-friendly and neighborhood-friendly, Arter may be selling it short. More than anything else, Bill's is music-friendly. Along with Bill Munoz, owner for 23 years, and Buddy Shanahan, music director and house pianist for 15 years, Arter has created a spot for live music of nearly every kind. Depending on who's in town, one can hear show tunes, country, disco, jazz, pop and gospel in the intimate front room. The quality is always high, the setting and sound system perfect for small groups, and there's never a cover charge. Open seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 2 a.m., Bill's serves an ever-changing clientele throughout the day and night. It's also a Wi-Fi hotspot where many people conduct business during the day. True to Arter's assertion about the nature of the place, Bill's offers a genuine sense of community, featuring charity fund-raisers, sponsoring a softball team and holding semi-annual book fairs.


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