Best Example of a Real World Wash-Up (2005)

Dan Renzi, Real World Miami

Not too long ago at the Library Bar at the Melrose Hotel, there was a Real World sighting. Unfortunately it wasn't badass Veronica (we can all pretend to hate her, but you know she rocked the Inferno II). Instead, it was Dan Renzi. Since we like to consider ourselves friendly and easygoing people, we made the first move. It was a wasted move--we probably could have gotten more conversation from the waitress who couldn't remember us after she took the first round of drink orders. Still, it was funny watching Renzi hunt down the bartender and ask for a cherry for his drink. Wasn't he having a beer? And it was even funnier hearing him say that a certain super-hot club "sounds like Dallas: overpriced and overexposed." Yeah, this all coming from a guy who extended his 15 minutes of fame by pulling a Paul Reubens in a Kansas City movie theater.


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