This eclectic colorful café could quite possibly turn the straightest person into a Scream'n Queen, which is also a name of one of their drinks. Their creative menu can make it fun even to order, and you get your meal delivered to your table in a metallic lunch box; nothing says lunch like Hello Kitty. Order a Creamy Twink (yes, it's a drink), a Chai-Coff-Ski or Naughty Toddy to finish off your experience. But there are no small or venti sizes here. It's either a Butch or a Big Girl. Although a bit pricey and self-indulgent (does anyone really need a Buli-labeled cap or jellybeans?), Buli is more about tapping that inner fabulous child in everyone.

Location Details

3908 Cedar Springs Rd.
Dallas TX 75219-3518


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