So there was this hot chick standing by herself at a watering hole in Dallas a while back, and we, thanks to liquid courage, decided to chat her up. At first, she reacted meekly to our drunk flirting, but after the formalities, the tall blonde cut to the chase. "This scene blows. My friends and I are going to Escapade--you should come with." Hell, she was so gorgeous that if she'd asked to go to the abandoned train tracks, we'd have followed, but luckily, Escapade 2009, located way out on Northwest Highway, turned out to be incredibly fun. The dance and rock versions of Latin tracks got the hot, skimpily dressed crowd moving on the industrial-sized dance floor, and with so many people dancing, we weren't embarrassed to join in--who'd notice one bad dancer in this scene? In the end, we didn't get the girl but no matter. 2009's Latin flavor got us.

Readers' Pick
Club Babalu 2912 McKinney Ave. 214-953-0300

Location Details

10707 Finnell St.
Dallas TX 75220


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