A night out in Uptown might convince an alien visitor that human cloning is a thriving industry in Dallas. Deviation from the unrelentingly fratty aesthetic is rare, and opportunities for real conversation are virtually nonexistent. The Ginger Man, however, offers an alternative even as it remains an Uptown mainstay, thanks to its spacious back patio. While the valiant young software designers try to win the hands of the giddy PR consultants by showing their mastery of the impressive array of beers or their prowess at darts inside, folks of different ages or hues preferring to chat under the trees can plop down at the picnic table benches on the patio and jaw away. Of course, the communal seating is also a good way to "accidentally" meet an interesting stranger, but you'd better have something to say for yourself.

Readers' Pick
Ozona Bar & Grill 4615 Greenville Ave. 214-265-9105

Location Details

2718 Boll St.
Dallas TX 75204


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