Best Place to Actually See a Radio DJ (2005)

Sunday Nights at City Tavern with Josh Venable

Radio jocks have a certain air of mystery about them. Because they are rarely seen, their voices carry the weight of their identity. Sure, they do publicity appearances and host the occasional music festival, but for the most part their applause is directed toward a faceplate of plastic and LCD panels in listeners' cars. Of all local DJs, Josh Venable, host of The Adventure Club on 102.1 The Edge, deserves his applause for consistently plugging up-and-comers and awesome indie acts. Fortunately, fans can give it to him in person Sunday nights at City Tavern as Venable spins a mix of Brit pop, postpunk and lots that fans will remember from Adventure Club days of yore. Anymore, what we hear on the radio is programmed on a computer so it's nice to see a bit of vinyl show its gleaming grooves and even better to toast Venable for more than a decade of rockin' services. Now, go buy him a pint and get your hands off his deck.


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