Best Place to Run Into Mr. Dallas (2005)


If this city has a posh pied piper, it's Dallas Morning News columnist Mr. Dallas, the man who scores an invite to every spot with a velvet rope and a "list." Not to say he should be anyone's idol (he's just a nightlife writer, for God's sake), but he does have a certain air of mystery, with his cartoon mug shot and lack of a real name. He's sort of like a superhero whose powers are sniffing out Grey Goose cocktails and spotting designer duds. If you want to catch him out, your best bet is probably Sense, the Tristan Simon-owned members-only nightclub on Knox-Henderson. People there actually call him "Mr. Dallas" to his face. If you're not a member, find a friend who is, and see if you can spot him. It's like a high-fashion game of "Where's Waldo."


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