Best Place to Sit on a Patio and Not Be Seen (2005)

Daniele Osteria

Why do people crowd onto streetside patios in Dallas? Do we love the acrid smell of exhaust, the damp spray of misters turning well-gelled hair into sticky slime or the possibility that someone whipping by at 40 mph will recognize us and droop in envy? None of that's possible at Daniele Osteria, the comfortable Italian spot tucked underneath the Bank One building on Oak Lawn Avenue. It's below street level, so your friends can't spy you unless they stroll along the sidewalk and glance down into the concrete dugout that makes up the patio. The place draws very little wind and reflects heat, so forget about summertime, but when temps cool, however, it's a spacious outdoor room with trees, a few garden benches and plenty of distance between tables. In the fall they project old movies on the whitewashed walls bordering the cavity. No sound, just something to distract you from your date's pointless babbling about family or American Idol.


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