Best Use of Passion Fruit (2005)

Leann Berry, Ciudad

We started to credit Leann Berry with best use of pomegranate for her unique "pom pom" cocktail. Then we tried her latest creation, the pantheistic "nectar of the gods." It resembles a glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice, a perfect way to start the day, until the musky tartness of passion fruit and dry kick of tequila clutches your throat. A strong pour of agave juice. She treats the pulpy fruit first, probably in a vat of alcohol, then blends it with a good reposado tequila, Grand Marnier and other ingredients. We suspect key lime, but can't pick out the remaining flavors. Berry may be the city's most creative mixologist, designing several Ciudad standouts and kicking ass in a Corzo competition. Clearly not so good when it comes to naming things, however. No self-respecting guy is likely to stroll up to a bar, nod to a nearby babe, and blurt "nectar of the gods, please, and another scotch for the lady."


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