Best CD store (used) (2005)

CD Source

We don't know how CD Source gets so many used copies of hot albums and sells them for less than 10 bucks a pop. Maybe it has something to do with the manager who's always sitting at the front of the store, staring at customers like a Mafia kingpin. Then again, we aren't the kind to question a good thing. The used rock and rap selections at this Old Town institution are the best in town, but the store's jazz shelves hide some great gems, particularly the large number of remastered classics from Blue Note and Impulse. After you're done picking through the convenient--and gigantic--"new arrivals" section, you can't miss the wall stocked with a bajillion DVDs on the cheap. The service isn't too shabby, either, as employees will dive through the sea of used discs to find a cheaper copy of whatever album you're hunting for. That is, when they're not staring at you. And ladies, if you're wondering where all the music-loving guys hang out on Sunday afternoons--this is it.

Readers' Pick
CD World 5706 E. Mockingbird Lane 214-826-1885 5000 Belt Line Road, Addison 972-386-6565


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