You bring your muddy mutt in. They show the two of you to a booth equipped with a big hose and a squeeze bottle full of dog shampoo. You wash the beast. It's great. All of the stupid flapping and shaking and slobbering gets done within the confines of a nice metal stall instead of in your house or apartment or, worse, out on the lawn where other people can watch. They have a big blower so you can dry off the cur before getting back to the car. There are all kinds of steel brushes, combs and scissors available to deal with tangles. The tubs are large and sit about waist-high (your back will thank you for that), and aprons and towels are provided. Besides the wash, grooming and nail clipping are also available. (For all services, the do-it-yourself bit is optional.) And the best part is the price: One clean pup with clipped nails ran about $13. It's way cheaper than a groomer, and though you might end up a soggy wreck, your dog comes out looking better fur the effort.

Location Details

6454 E. Mockingbird Lanene
Dallas TX 75214


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