Best Excuse for a Manly Man to Shop for Clothes (2005)


Threads has to be the only men's clothing store with a TV in the back hooked up to a PlayStation 2. You can play Madden all you want. Or drink beer. Threads has a bar. Or watch the game. Threads has a second TV forever tuned to ESPN. The owners of Threads, Michael Elliot and Charles Williams, are married to the women who own Flirt, the clothing store next door. They decided this summer to do something with the vacant storefront next to Flirt. Nothing schlocky, though. The guys at Threads have good taste--Penguin and Le Tigre are two lines they feature--so women across Dallas can rest easy. Your man won't come home with a tacky, baggy sports jersey from here. In fact, if you're not careful, he may never come home.


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