Best Feed Bag (2005)

Roach Feed & Seed Inc.

There is a myth that farmers and ranchers just treat their livestock like, uh, well, livestock. But at places like Roach Feed & Seed Inc. (lovingly referred to as Roach's by customers in Garland), there seems to be a mindset that it is all right to feed and treat your animals better, and we fully agree. The wooden-plank floors creak a bit as the workers haul 50-pound bags of birdseed, rabbit pellets and corn feed. They even carry monkey chow. Bins of loose seed (radish, various greens, etc.) sit atop wooden tables near the front door, and on it, of course, hangs a bell. There's a small pet shop out back with birds, small rodents and fish. It seems like your basic feed store, supplying everything from a parakeet to a pair of rubber gloves for palpating a cow, but there's an added loving touch. Cans of gourmet Merrick dog food signify that Rufus isn't just a ranch dog, he's another son. And they'll give you tips on giving Sweet Bertha diatomaceous earth in her cow grub, so she doesn't have to be treated for worms later. They even have chickens for sale in the spring, if you want to cultivate that urban farmer mystique.


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