Best Frame-up (2005)

3 Day Framing & Gallery

The basis for this award is purely anecdotal: We had a framing project a while back that seemed quite simple in our mind--in concept, that is. The work it would require was not so simple; some would even call it tedious. But we wanted it done, and we wanted it done right. After being given the brush-off (and an outrageously high quote) from a local big-box retailer, we felt a little downtrodden. No one seemed to appreciate our vision. Then we found 3 Day Framing. Not only did the person who helped us say no problem of course we can do it thank you very much, she seemed genuinely excited to see the results of our beloved project. It was refreshing and uplifting and downright beautiful. Our visionary frame job now hangs in our dining room, and we swear we've seen it blush at all the compliments it receives.


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