Best Home-Decorating Store (2005)


What can we say? For years people have made road trips to Houston just to hit the big IKEA. Now we don't have to rely on the catalog or spend a night in the stinkhole of Texas for a little Scandinavian love. A tour through this expansive store proves that, yes, they did think of everything. Not only can customers peruse the four furnished example homes inside, they can buy almost everything they see, from furniture and appliances (OK, computers and televisions don't count) to décor and lingonberry punch. The upstairs area is a complete showroom of items in various settings and downstairs is everything you saw upstairs--only ready for purchase. They even provide tape measures, shopping lists and pencils so you can write down items, sizes and where to find them. Despite the crowds, IKEA had us covered. We saw a lamp and a cool frame in the showroom and headed downstairs to grab them. We left with the lamp, the frame, light bulbs and a small tool kit. Back home, we could turn on the lamp and hang the frame. No muss, no fuss, no extra trips. Very nice.

Readers' Pick
IKEA Frisco

Location Details

7171 Ikea Dr.
Frisco TX 75034


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