Best Hour at the Beach (2005)

The Massage Professionals

OK, it's really a small room in an office building near Mockingbird Station. But work with us here. One wall is covered with a giant photograph of a lovely beach, complete with palm trees and pristine blue water. Artwork depicting a placid whale adorns another. Ask massage therapist Marci Novak to play the CD with the ocean sounds and turn up the heat a tad. Choose your aroma of massage oil (Jasmine? Grapefruit? Coconut?). Now get down to your skivvies, listen to the waves and seagulls and relaaaaax. Novak practices a massage technique that uses slow, sweeping motions. You're remembering that trip to Maui and drifting, drifting.Before you know it, the hour is gone and you're rejuvenated and ready to head back to work. On second thought, schedule your one-hour massage ($65) at the end of the day. Go back to the office smelling like Banana Boat and your boss may ask if the surf's up.


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