Best Men's Shoe Store (2005)


There is a time to stand on principle, and that time ends when your feet begin to hurt. We don't like recommending chain stores or malls in this compendium of consumerism, but the shoes at Nordstrom are worthy of making an exception. The sheer variety would be mind-boggling if the friendly sales staff weren't so good at honing in on exactly what you're looking for. Nordstrom doesn't blow the roof off customer-service ratings every year for nothing. As far as price, nowhere is the old adage "you get what you pay for" more appropriate than in shoes, but Nordstrom softens the blow with a "we'll match any price" policy (the November 11 opening of their outlet, Nordstrom Rack, in NorthPark Center will also help). Besides, a phat pair of buttery Ecco oxfords will last for years, and it'll go a long way toward counteracting the message sent by that mustard stain on your tie.

Readers' Pick
Larry's Shoes Multiple locations

Location Details

5220 Alpha Rd.
Dallas TX 75240


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