Best Music Snob Hideaway (2005)

The Shake Rag

When we drag friends to The Shake Rag on a given weekend, their reaction falls into one of two categories. The first is a squint-eyed "hmm" and a quick perusal of the store, acting as if they'd just gotten a bad sweater from Aunt Ethel. The second is helluva lot more appreciative, combing through the cherry-picked vinyl selection organized by decade, testing out the vintage music instruments and amps, drooling at the music memorabilia strewn across the walls and haggling with the owner over prices. It's not the cheapest place to beef up your musical collection, but just about everything in the tiny shop will whet music snobs' appetites. Even if you fall into the "first reaction" category, stop by this hidden gem off Lower Greenville to find a unique gift for the music snob in your life.

Location Details

4112 Live Oak St.
Dallas TX 75204


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