Best Oak Cliff Coffee Spot (2005)

Nodding Dog Coffee Company

There's something about coffee that makes it so addictive. Oh yeah, the caffeine. And there's something about Oak Cliff that might make it seem impossible to find a decent cup of joe south of the Trinity River. Now people in the Winnetka Heights/Kessler Park/Cockrell Hill areas of the real OC don't have to look any further than the Bishop Arts District. Nodding Dog Coffee Company has been offering great cups of coffee long enough to have regulars but not so long to have entered the radar of every coffee lover. It's a cozy place with a fine selection of specialty coffees (we'd suggest the white mocha latte) and a decent line of pastries (we recommend the one that looks like a bran muffin but has raisins, carrot shavings and some other tasty goodies in it). But even though this place isn't in your typical coffee monopoly location, don't expect a major price cut. Let's just say that everything is competitively priced. But it sure is worth it.


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