Best Pawn Shop Atmosphere (tie) (2005)

Village Pawn, Regent Jewelry and Loan

Here's the thing about pawn shops--the inventory changes quickly and constantly. On Tuesday, you might be able to walk in and buy a Gibson Les Paul in near-perfect condition for a mere fraction of the original price. On Wednesday, you might venture back to that same pawn shop and find only a wrench covered in what looks like goo from its last plumbing job. But if you don't mind perusing the aisles and having nice conversations with the manager, there are two places you have to hit up. Regent Pawn and Village Pawn (the Oak Cliff locations) boast two of the best pawn shop managers in town. Mark of Regent and Robert of Village are friendly guys who don't mind answering questions or making deals, if what they have is what you're looking for. Both managers are in charge of several locations in the city, so they aren't always there, but a quick phone call to see if they're in is worth it. You'll have a fun pawn-shoppin' day and maybe even a fun bargain-huntin' day, too.


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